by Mighty Moth

Press Contact

Contact Name: Amanda James
E-Mail: amanda@mightymoth.com

About the game: Above

Above is an aeronautic action-adventure game, set in a world of scattered islands, where flight is freedom at a cost and danger lurks deep beneath the ocean waves.

Join the young pilot, Maryam, as she breaks the aviation ban of her people, in order to reunite with her brother, Elm. Experience, with Maryam, the freedom of flight, uncover the truths behind her people’s myths and rules, and discover, with her, that the world is much bigger than she was told but as dangerous as she was warned.

About the company: Mighty Moth

Mighty Moth is an independent game studio with a focus on patiently crafted games centered around the sense of adventure, exploration, and mystery. We are a small team chasing the thrill and excitement of playing games we felt as kids. And we aim to bring this feeling to the screen with thorough craftsmanship, a butt-load of passion and a healthy dose of nostalgia.


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