Disco Elysium
by ZA/UM

Press Contact

Contact Name: Matthew Pellett
E-Mail: matt@deadgoodmedia.com
Developer PressKit: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s6yi3y58t24kddf/AADvbl-QTkwoJDloz1qIFKbRa?dl=0

About the game: Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a groundbreaking blend of isometric RPG and hardboiled cop show with a unique urban fantasy setting.


You play a disgraced lieutenant detective in Revachol West, a shore town where corruption’s out of control, murders go unsolved, and the kids just wanna dance. Kick in doors, interrogate suspects, or get lost exploring a gorgeously rendered city and unraveling its mysteries. All the while, tensions rise around you as Revachol threatens to explode.


Disco Elysium’s completely original skill system makes your innermost feelings, doubts, and memories an integral part of every conversation. Level up your rational faculties, sharpen your wits, or give in to your basest instincts. What kind of cop you are is up to you.


About the company: ZA/UM

ZA/UM is a cultural movement uniting artists, writers, entrepreneurs and socialists, established 2009. Named after the Russian futurists' language of gods and birds it does popular and avant-garde. Creates and markets. In 2014 ZA/UM started Nihilist.fm - an online publishing platform. In print media, ZA/UM has published four national bestsellers. 

As a game studio ZA/UM has been active for almost 3 years. What started out as a small idea between friends is now a studio 20 strong and ever growing in scale. We are currently developing an isometric role playing game called Disco Elysium, which is also our first behemoth of a game.

We are looking for people who would share the same dubious amounts of curiosity as we do, who have a knack for the uncanny and uncommon, who have un-standardized visions of gameplay and aren’t afraid to explore new ideas. Bring wicked ideas and killer talent!


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