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Press Contact

Contact Name: Ramon Huiskamp
E-Mail: ramon@roofkatgames.com

About the game: WarpThrough

It's time to warp from dimension to dimension! Go through as many warpholes as you can while punching, shooting and biting through monsters in your way.

Master an unique control scheme

Experience tight platforming mixed with unique combat - using only four buttons.
To charge up your attack in WarpThrough you must, rather than pressing a button, stop pressing buttons altogether! 
Perfect your timing to get further and further, facing new monsters to defeat.

A charming character-driven narrative

Team up with your dad, two friends, and your friend's dog to face the monsters that invaded your home. Make uninformed choices that impact everything - just like real life!

Easy to pick up, also together

Warpthrough is easy to pick up and playable together. Enlist up to 3 friends to help fight monsters in local multiplayer, and make sure to stick together - can't warp with someone left behind!

Unlock and play as new characters

Find different characters to play and figure everyone's individually unique attacks, allowing you to play the game in a new way!

About the company: roofkat


Roofkat is a dutch independent video game company eager to create interesting and original gameplay.
Armed with indie and tripple-A experience (from working on Defend Your FriendThe Red Stare, and an unannounced title from Sumo Digital) Ramon Huiskamp, founder of Roofkat, is creating WarpThrough by himself as Roofkat's first project.

After this development, Roofkat will be looking to expand!


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