Squirrel & Bear: Europe
by the Good Evil GmbH

Press Contact

Contact Name: Linda Kruse
E-Mail: press@thegoodevil.com
Link to request keys: press@thegoodevil.com
Developer PressKit: https://thegoodevil.com

About the game: Squirrel & Bear: Europe

Squirrel & Bear: Europe is an adventure game for families to explore the cultural diversity of Europe. And it's a Badger rescue mission!

Use unique abilities to track Badger down. Climb up trees and buildings to collect objects and flip switches (Squirrel).
Move heavy objects, make a stomp dance or translate various languages (Bear). Combine Squirrel with Bear for the ultimate team experience to reach hidden places and take pictures.

Pack your bags and join Squirrel & Bear on their journey in 2020.

About the company: the Good Evil GmbH

the Good Evil is an award-winning Indie Game Studio based in Cologne, Germany.
We create games, that make the world a better place!
Made for mobile, console and audiences from kids to adults.


Company Logos

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Game Logos

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