by TeraKnights

Press Contact

Contact Name: Andy Buchhalter
E-Mail: a.buchhalter@teraknights.com

About the game: Fairyfail

Fairyfail is a local multiplayer couch-game where you get to be a failed fairytale character (hence the name).
Race as an alcoholic princess whose dreams never came true or an obese knight who started overeating when he couldn´t slay the dragon.
Have your "friends" join you as you build traps and platforms in a magical setting to leave the others behind in several rounds of racing to the finish line.
But nobody will get points if you all reach the goal. We're not in preschool anymore fellas!

About the company: TeraKnights

Onward to digital glory!!!

We´re a 4-man Indie Studio near Cologne with an immense passion for games.

Currently it´s our knightly duty to make our project Fairyfail come to life in 2019.


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