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Contact Name: Application Systems Heidelberg Software GmbH
E-Mail: press@ashgames.com
Link to request keys: https://www.application-systems.co.uk/press/sheet.php?p=Oxyd#preview
Developer PressKit: https://www.application-systems.co.uk/press/sheet.php?p=Oxyd

About the game: Oxyd®

A puzzle game requiring hand eye coordination. Oxyd® is an award winning classic computer game originally created in 1989. After almost 30 years we are proud to present completely redesigned versions of this brain teasing game that also requires serious hand eye coordination skills.

About the company: dongleware Verlags-GmbH

Meinolf Amekudzi has been in the industry for decades. In the 80ies he released Bolo and Esprit for the Atari ST with Application Systems Heidelberg as the publisher. Esprit was then more refined and turned into Oxyd, released in 1989. Followed by several sequels such as Per.Oxyd, Oxyd Magnum etc.
After a long period of industry projects for large corporations as a freelancer Application Systems Heidelberg got him started on the idea of bringing a modern version of Oxyd back. And here we are 30 years later with a game featuring timeless mechanics and fascination.


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