by Studio Seufz

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Contact Name: Anselm Pyta
E-Mail: anselm.pyta@studioseufz.com
Link to request keys: anselm.pyta@studioseufz.com
Developer PressKit: http://www.399d-23h-59m-59s.com/press/press.html

About the game: :THE LONGING:

In :THE LONGING: the player controls a shade, who is told to keep watch of a sleeping king for 400 days until he awakens. The catch: These 400 days count down in real-time. The game makes extensive use of time as a game mechanic, creating a unique slow-paced experience.

About the company: Studio Seufz

STUDIO SEUFZ was founded 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. They have already made several viral games, including 'Lucky Tower' and 'Murder', which were played over 60 million times on the web.


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