Mad Machines
by Hero Blocks ApS

Press Contact

Contact Name: Carsten Nissen

About the game: Mad Machines

On MAG Erfurt we have a World Premiere: Mad King

1 Crown and 8 contestants. Fight. Conquer. Defend. The best player is King.

The King is a natural prey, and being under constant attack, a few abilities is rewarded the King to help defend the Crown. The longer he protects the Crown, the better the skill.

The Kingdom never sleeps; anyone can enter the Kingdom at any time and challenge the throne.
Leave as King, and another contestant is promoted as King!

How long can you defend the Crown?


Freedom. Fun. Frag. Fight.

Mad Machines is driven by Hotrod styled robots, made of blocks, added a spice of retro neon sci-fi.
Freedom of movement and input are the key premise of Mad Machines, and we aim to present many different combinations of mechanics, map layouts and objectives, for you to have fun. The fun fact is our mission and our promise.

From casual fun to hardcore esports, ability-driven shooting, combo-combat, explosions and hot lava.

About the company: Hero Blocks ApS

Hero Blocks is a Danish indie game developer working on their first title Mad Machines .


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